About Association

In April 2004, Ukrainian IT companies «Miratech», «SoftLine», «Mirasoft», «ProFIX», «Ukrsoft» and «SoftServe» made a decision to create  Assosiation "Informational technologies of Ukraine" . Company founders of the Association are the leading Ukrainian software developers who have accumulated successful experience in sales and licensing services in the developed markets of North America and Europe.

The purpose of the Association is to promote the consolidation of efforts in foreign markets competitive products of Ukrainian companies, the merger of scientific and industrial potential of Ukraine to create software that meets international standards, as well as the conditions for the further development of the region.

The Association were set for:

•creating the conditions for growth of export potential of Ukrainian IT, companies international prestige of the industry and for foreign investments;

•association of mostly export-oriented companies and research organizations in Ukraine, which develop software;

•improvement of existing legislation and the creation of conditions for the development of IT business, strengthening links with higher education in Ukraine, which trains students for the IT industry, the creation of a modern infrastructure, particularly the specialized technology parks in the big cities of Ukraine;

•increasing the participation of Ukrainian IT companies in the international exhibitions, presentations, and other marketing activities, promotion of technical capabilities and achievements of the industry abroad;

•promoting  more intensive implementation of standards CMM and ISO 9000/2000, in the area of project management and quality management in the member companies of the association.

The association is based on principles that make it possible to combine a large number of members of the domestic IT market. These include the rotation of the President and Vice-Presidents, and three levels of membership:

real, associative and academic. Associate membership allows you to cover a wide range of regional and small companies and academic provided for universities and research institutes.

In September 2004, the Association "IT Ukraine" became a full member of the World Alliance of Information Technology and Services (each country may enter only one association). The structure of this association includes leading associations from 68 countries. WITSA members hold about 90% of the world IT market.

In May 2006, the Association "IT Ukraine" joined the European IT Association (EKTA).

Participation in the Association contributes to the establishment and maintenance of mutual trust, contact managers and specialists of commercial organizations, reliability and integrity, business partnership. Provides the framework and forms of interaction between members of the Association to enable them to use each other's capabilities, for a more successful business. In addition, the association plans to work to bring the intellectual, financial, organizational and other resources to best promote the interests of its members, the organization of information, advice and guidance to members of the Association.

The association is interested in the expansion of its participants. Membership is open. Any organization may apply for membership in the Association. The main criterion for admission to membership of the organization of the Association is the desire of her head to make a contribution to the solution of certain problems of the Association.

The Association hopes that it`s work will be actively contribute to the formation of a civilized market of information technologies in Ukraine and calls for unity.